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Staying    Vocabulary Lists

You must know the italicized, bold roots and their definitions each week.



Amorous - In the 16th century this word, which means passionate, was spelled amatist and meant "lovers' stone". Its origin is from the Latin amor, “love”; amat-, “to love”, from which come amatory and amorous (full of love). The word amateur means "one who works out of love" (non-professional).


Apothecary - A druggist or pharmacist. Originally an apothecary had nothing to do with drugs. In ancient Greek, apotheke meant "storehouse", and in Latin apothecarius means "a storekeeper". In England, an apothecary sold general merchandise until the 17th century. After a while, the Apothecary Company of London separated from the Company of Grocers and agreed to sell only drugs. In early America, apothecaries sold only drugs, and soon their stores were commonly called drug stores. Gradually drug stores began to sell almost everything and eventually returned to becoming true apothecaries, or storehouses.


Vocabulary                    Definitions

1.       amorous                    passionate, loving

2.       apothecary                 pharmacist, druggist

3.       awry                          wrong, distorted         

4.       ardor                         passion

5.       aspersions                 falsehoods, slanderous remarks

6.       allusions                    hints, indirect references

7.       adamantly                  strongly, vehemently

8.       artifices                      trickeries, deceptions

9.       axioms                       truths

10.       apparition                  ghost, phantom

11.    assuage                      ease, lessen

12.    astutely                      wisely

13.    allocate                      assign, give

14.    amiability                   friendliness, warmth

15.    annuity                       yearly income

16.    amalgamate                unite, join

(16 words)

Rothstein, Evelyn. Staying at the Top. Nyack, NY: ERA/CCR Corp, 1986.