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Staying    Vocabulary Lists

You must know the italicized, bold roots and their definitions each week.



Contentious - Contentious means quarrelsome and comes from Latin contendere, "to stretch or strain." The word tense has the same origin and obviously contentiousness results in tenseness.


Chiropodist - A doctor who treats problems and diseases of the feet; more commonly called a podiatrist. A chiropodist was originally someone who cared for the hands and feet, from the Greek chiro-, “hand” and pod-, “foot”. Those who use “divination by the hand” practice chiromanyc, and those doctors who use their hands to manipulate the spinal column are called chiropractors.


Vocabulary                  Definitions

1.       contentious                   quarrelsome

2.       chiropodist                   foot doctor

3.       chattel                          personal property

4.       chided                          scolded

5.       callous                         cruel, unfeeling

6.       calumniate                   slander, bad-mouth

7.       caustically                    sarcastically

8.       censured                       disapproved, strongly criticized

9.       caricature                     foolish imitation

10.       centaur                         half man, half horse

11.    churlishly                     rudely

12.    connubial                     marital, matrimonial

13.    chronic                         constant, habitual

14.    compatible                   agreeable, harmonious

15.    consummate                 complete, total

16.    choleric                        irritable

17.    conciliation                  agreement, pacification

(17 words)

Rothstein, Evelyn. Staying at the Top. Nyack, NY: ERA/CCR Corp, 1986.