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Staying    Vocabulary Lists

You must know the italicized, bold roots and their definitions each week.



Egotistical - Self-centered, from the Latin ego, meaning “I”. From ego, we get egoism which refers to the philosophical concept of self-centeredness; egotism (the same word, with the t added) is used to describe a more personal selfishness.


Expatriate - A person exiled from his or her native land. Its origin is the Greek patriotes and the Latin patria, meaning “father” and “fatherland” respectively. Paternal, Pope, and Papa also have their beginnings from this early Greek word.


Vocabulary                   Definitions

1.       egotistical                conceited

2.       expatriate                 exiled person

3.       enigma                     puzzle

4.       equestrian                 horseback rider

5.       epitome                    representation

6.       equanimity               calmness of temperament

7.       erudite                     scholarly, learned

8.       embroiled                deeply involved

9.       espionage                spying

10.       eccentric                  odd

11.    errant                      wandering, deviant

12.    engenders                causes

13.    estrangement           separation

14.    epicurean                 pleasure-loving

15.    exhort                     strongly urge

16.    erode                      eat away, destroy

17.    esprit de corps        comradeship, spirit

18.    expunged                removed

19.    escutcheon             coat of arms


(19 words)

Rothstein, Evelyn. Staying at the Top. Nyack, NY: ERA/CCR Corp, 1986.