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English IV - N. Foster

Honors English IV calendar—

Standard English IV calendar—


100 Words All High School Graduates Should Know—how many do you know?

Class Rules   

Facts From the 1500s                      

Heraldry – links for your shields – see especially colors, common charges

     More shield shapes!

     Pictures – but I’m not sure how much help they’ll be; you can’t use them in their entirety. [Didn’t go to the rest of these, but here are lots more links similar to that one.]

     More pics     [?maybe you can use some? See the left links, too]

     Page after page [see the left bottom links] of coats of arms. You can’t copy them from the Internet, but you may get some ideas. At the very bottom of the link, you can find in English a description of one family’s coat of arms. It may give you some ideas for justifying the use of the various elements.

     Shields & reasoning

     Shields, some famous ones [but you still have to follow my directions!]

     Medieval Clip Art


English IV Honors Requirements


Plagiarism—click on “statement on plagiarism” See also Don’t You Dare!


Outline sample—Note: Outline must be DOUBLE SPACED.  See also this sample: go to “Using Outlines” and scroll down—again DOUBLE SPACED

An on-line sample of a Works Cited page

Sample of the way your first page should look fr. MLA Handbook, 1984 – Go to “Formatting the paper” and scroll down

Paradigm On-line Writing Assistant—Cool!! If you have trouble with documentation, go to the “documenting sources” link & do what it says!!

On-Line Citation Styles—check with me about anything that conflicts with info received in class

Study Web – A general resources listing, Study Web offers extensive categories for academic


Research Junction – General principles about research: tips, etc.

ECU     A good place to start, not especially for literary sources, but for general information. Go to “Services.” You cannot access anything marked ECU or   NC Alive, but you can the others.

IPL             Internet Public Library – Literary Criticism

IPL             Best Starting Places

Web Site for the Classics

Newspaper Search

New York Times Book Archive – 50,000 high-quality reviews dating back to 1980. You must register for this service, but that’s no big deal.

New York Times book reviews [not sure how these 2 are different?]

Winsor Library     Some things you will have access to; others,  you will not.

Noodle Tools – this place has some search engines AND a program that will  help you create a Works Cited page. You may well not be able to rely completely on it, but you can save it as a Word file and edit it as you need to. I saw one thing wrong with it, but most of it looks as though it may well be fine. 

LII – Librarian’s Index to the Internet

Gale Group Literary Index – search by author, title, or a variety of other means. You may then need to go to Internet Public Library [above] to get what is there.

Literary Resources on the Net (Jack Lynch)

North Carolina Wise Owl—This site is sponsored by The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and maintained by the Instructional Resources Evaluation Section.

Pilot-Search – a Literary Search Engine

Internet Movie Database – Searching for a film review?


       Evaluating Sites

Evaluating Internet Sources – Choose the “Web Evaluation” link. It also has at least one more link to go to for information about evaluating internet sources.




Levels of thinking/writing – this page is designed for the AP student, but relates to us all. Good writing goes beyond lower level thinking.

Vocabulary Lists


Writing Links and handouts


College Stuff


Memory work


Historical/Geographical Links


British Lit Links – You’ll use this often, I hope.


Film Viewing Guidelines – 3 pages – keep hitting next page”

EXTRA CREDIT: Early in Macbeth what line did I tell you to specifically pay attention to, that it would be an important idea in the play?

EXTRA CREDIT: What 3 “predictions” do the witches tell Macbeth? [He knows that one is already true.]

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EXTRA CREDIT: NO MORE THAN 30 PTS. EXTRA CREDIT PER MARKING PERIOD – YOU KEEP UP WITH IT! Remember to use your own e-mail address as I will reply to it!!!  Send each answer on a separate e-mail with extra credit as the subject line. 1. A copy of this question 2. The answer 3. Your first and last name.

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EXTRA CREDIT: From Act I, who appears to be going to help Macbeth get up his nerve to “do something” to make himself king of Scotland?

EXTRA CREDIT: What is “full of scorpions?”