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Allusion workshop links


Various lenses through which literatue can be investigated

On-line dictionaries that include foreign words/phrases, slang, special subjects


A wonderful letter by John Gardner about analyzing literature [He’s the author of Grendle].


Guidelines for effective journals

Reader Response – Various positions

The Problem of Meaning in Literature by John Lye

British Women Romantic Writers, 1789-1832 – Electronic texts

British Artists – 1700 to the present

Sonnet Central

The Universal Currency Converter

CJR Dollar Conversion Calculator

Cost of living calculator

Inflation calculator


British Lit Time-line—Website by Cindy Adams. Excellent source of general characteristics of the various periods we will study

English Literature: Best of the Web—all kinds of wonderful links arranged by time period, much as we will study this literature.


Beowulf Page

Beowulf manuscript

The Heroic  Ideal

       The Danes

       The Geats

       The Swedes

       Terms to Remember

Dave Barry on Beowulf

Sutton Hoo—might load very slowly

Electronic Beowulf

Anglo-Saxon Culture

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The Fyrd [Army] In Anglo-Saxon  England – Comitatus Game Handouts come from here.

Anglo-Saxon Page

Beowulf – in old English & translated

On-line copy of Beowulf – Caution: we don’t have all of it in our text.

The Beowulf chapter from Bullfinch’s The Age of Fable

Grendle Index – John Gardner’s book from the point of view of the monster  - Extra credit people here!!

Map of Anglo-Saxon England

Clothing and Appearance of the Pagan Anglo-Saxons

HEAR selections from Beowulf read in the Old English [my computer will play the Wave files, but not the “True Speech.”]

Instant Old English – kind of like a phrase book you might get the first time you go to another country

Modern English to Old English vocabulary

Anglo-Saxon Curriculum Link

The Venerable Bede links


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

     Courtly Love

Anglo Saxon Life links:

     The Beowulf Home Page
Archetypal Hero Powerpoint Presentation
Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman ... 
Games of the Viking & Anglo-Saxon Age 
Anglo-Saxon Culture 
Angelcynn - Clothing and Appearance of the Pa...


Medieval Period



Click here to see pictures of the Canterbury pilgrims

Chaucer page

A Boke and Gode Cookery – medieval recipes

St. George and the Dragon

The Black Death from the Middle Ages to the Present

The Pestilence Tyme

Heraldry on the Internet

Heraldry Game—this will help with your shields

Sir Gawain

Chaucer game gameboard

Medieval Period On-line test—try your luck. Do you need to study some more before the real test.  Covers Chaucer’s Prologue and “The Pardoner’s Tale.” You’ll be asked for “Group Name” which is EnglishIV—It’s right up at the top right over where it asks you for it. [Note: no space between them; caps sensitive, so do it like it is printed on the screen and here. Below that, it asks for “Password” which is DHC.  If you want extra credit—10 points on the Chaucer test—E-mail me that you want to do it. I’ll register you so I can see that you indeed did do it, and send you what you’ll need to log-in for credit. If you work with it until you make at least a 90, I’ll add 10 points to whatever your score is on the in-class test. Must be finished by 7:00 p.m. on the night before the in-class test for credit. I can’t guarantee that I will be at home on the night/afternoon before the test, so you may want to register for this early.


King Arthur  page


Comparison of Marlow’s “Passionate Shepherd” and Raleigh’s “Nymph’s Reply”

To my Shakespeare Page

Sir Thomas Wyatt’s works

Works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Works of Sir Philip Sidney

Works of Henry VIII

John Donne

     Dead Poet’s Society

     Island of Freedom

     Annina Jokinen—very complete


Restoration & Eighteenth Century [1660-1800]

English Literature – Early 17th century – 1603-1660

Oliver Cromwell

Seventeenth Century Authors


Jonathon Swift

Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" click here to access activity

Nineteenth Century [Romantics/Victorians]

On-line copy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

     another one

     A searchable on-line copy


Self and Society  in the Victorian Novel


&      Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre – Victorian

      On-line Copy of Jane Eyre

      Jane Eyre links

     Allusions and some Vocabulary

      Some interesting comparisons between JE, the Book of Common Prayer, the Bible

      An interesting discussion of JE’s paintings

 Byronic hero links



                             Romantic Audience Project


                             Jane as . . .

                             Byronic hero

                             Byronic hero

                             Byronic hero

                             Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know

                             Rochester as Byronic Hero


                             Charlotte Bronte: Biography and Works

                             JE Chapters 14-17

                             L iterary Encyclopedia 

Hot List site concerning Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights posted by Mary Filak

&      Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights

     On-line copy of Wuthering Heights



   ***  Family Trees for Wuthering Heights

&      Jane Austen— Pride and Prejudice-the novel of social comedy [written when she was only 21]

    Pride and Prejudice calendar

    Why are her characters so “plain,” so “normal,” so “shallow”?

     Manners & Customs in Jane Austen’s time

   ***  Family Trees for Pride and Prejudice

&       On-line copy of A Tale of Two Cities


Romantics [1798-1832]

Romantics Page


Chronology of Romantic Writers, British and American

William Blake page

William Blake

Wm Blake—Metropolitan Museum: Special Collections

Web Museum—Wm Blake

Wm Blake On-Line

Blake’s Proverbs of Hell


&       Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: - you can download it at Project Guttenberg      


Victorians [1832-1901]

Wages, the Cost of Living, Contemporary Equivalents to Victorian Money



Dickens’s London

Dickens’ s Victorian London

Dickens’s London

The French Revolution: Good resource on the causes and other information relating to the French Revolution. DO NOT PRINT THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE! Just print sections you will need!

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – On-line version with songs


Thomas Hardy Online – download his books

Tess vocabulary lists

   List 1

   List 2

   List 3


Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Emily Bronte


Physical and Psychological Settings: The Polarized Houses in Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights

Dreams in Wuthering Heights

A structuralist’s approach to the narrative structure of WH

The Magnanimity of Wuthering Heights by Joyce Carol Oates


Oscar Wilde

   On-line copy of The Importance of Being Earnest


Twentieth Century


&       Brave New World by Huxley – links

                                On-line copy

                                 On-line copy and search engine for BNW

&       Lord of the Flies by Wm Golding – links

                          Game to review/think about the book—kind of hard to figure out how to do it, but you’ll get it.


£   1984 by George Orwell— on-line copy

English IV

N. Foster

  English IV

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