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Brave New World links

Realize that a web search for Brave New World will give you LOTS of just druggie sites!

On-line copy of Brave New World

Brave New World Links

Say No to Psychiatry


Utopia & Utopian Philosophy

The Propaganda Page

Advertising Techniques

Cloning CNN article: Should We Be Cloning Around

Dr. Frankenstein, I Presume? - An interview with the scientist who cloned the sheep

Scottish Sheep Shocker: This tabloid style article looks at both sides

ACLU this site discusses laws the organization feels threaten personal liberty

San Diego Curfew Law discusses the federal court's repeal of San Diego's curfew

Employment & Workplace Laws a database and discussion of workplace laws and their implications


Prozac and other drugs are used much like Soma is used in Brave New World to make "difficult" people less of a "burden" on society.

Prozac Dangers An article about the overuse and side-effects of Prozac


English IV

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