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Text Box: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

     Mary Shelley’s journal
     On-line copy of the novel      another on-line copy
     Elements of the Gothic novel
     Excerpts from the novel that include descriptions of what the monster looks like.
     Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature – This exhibition looks at the world from which Mary Shelley came, at how popular culture has embraced the Frankenstein story, and at how Shelley’s creation continues to illuminate the blurred, uncertain boundaries of what we consider “acceptable” science.
     A Frankenstein Story – Essays, questions, info, links
     Celluloid Monster
     Birth of Frankenstein
     Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus – lots of art work that goes along with the novel
     My Hideous Progeny
Independent Project Materials: Use your number(s) from class drawing

     Genetic Engineering and Cloning: Improving Nature or Uncorking the Genie
     Cloning – ethics, etc.
     Arm Transplant
     Problems with Scientific  Advancement
     Cadaver Bone Transplant
     Jeff Getty’s Story
     Pig Livers
     Past Zenotransplants
        Cloning – CNN article: Should We Be Cloning Around 
     Dr. Frankenstein, I Presume? - An interview with the scientist who cloned the sheep
     Scottish Sheep Shocker: This tabloid style article looks at both sides
     Cloning: New Scientist—a group obviously pro-cloning. It appears to at least try to be un-biased, though
     The Human Cloning Foundation: another pro-cloning group
    The American Journal of Bioethics’ information on cloning
    Americans to Ban Cloning
    Frontline Interviews about Cloning—Interesting

     [For vocabulary lists, see the vocabulary link.]
      Tracking poster assignment

  English IV

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