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Text Box: Tracking Poster Assignment: Period ___________    Frankenstein

You have been assigned one of the following topics:
As you read the novel Frankenstein, pay special attention to the way this topic is presented.

The three narrators
Literary allusions
Minor characters & how they affect the story
The novel's settings and/or Weather and nature
Science, Technology, & Mary Shelley's British Society
Novel as frame story
Victor & responsibility – Parent/child dynamics
The Frankenstein family dynamics
Elizabeth & her role as love interest in the novel
Elements of the Gothic novel [see web page link]
Mary Shelley’s journal [see web page link]– relationship to the novel
Shelley’s monster vs. Beowulf’s Grendel
Various themes found in the novel
The Relationship between physical appearance and acceptance into society
Sickness/illness as a metaphor
The monster as a metaphor

You will make a TRACKING POSTER about your topic. You should include:
-Thesis statement
-five supporting quotes (with page numbers)
-A creative visual appropriate to your thesis

You will "discuss" the novel through this poster. 

You will be graded on the quality of information that you present to the class, the thoroughness of your handling of the topic assigned to you, and the creative aspects of your poster. While you will not be judged on your artistic ability, your poster should be neat, organized, and colorful. There should be minimal “white space.” Be sure to cite (MLA style) the sources you use [generally only the text, so all you need is the page number]; put these on the back of your poster.

N. Foster: adapted from

English IV