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At least _____ 4 sources must be used in your paper! Length: 4-6 pages.

All rough materials [rough draft, revisions, note cards, bib cards, etc.] must be turned in with your final copy as must copies of the pages that your notes come from in your sources. Notes should be highlighted. Pages in the order of your paper as much as possible. Papers will not count without all required materials!! All final paper materials [outline, paper, works cited] MUST be typed on a word processor to be acceptable!

I reserve the right to add to this, should you be creative and think of things that have not been done before.


 My paper is in proper order:  Outline, then paper, then Works Cited      10 pts.Outline [see sample] [2 level outline required]

Topics [words/short phrases] not sentences                   

Is a final copy [typed]

My thesis is at the top of my outline

Parallelism is evident [do you need that defined?]

I have no intro. or concl. included

Entries are lined up correctly

double spaced [with no extra spaces]

I have used no bold print

order of entries I, A, 1, a, etc. is correct

I have no A without a B, etc.

My title [paper title] is centered at the top with  no punctuation and proper capitalization

punctuation is correct [ I.   For example]

proper capitalization is used [  I. Boys

                                            A. Fish home

Paper [Make sure paper follows outline]                    

    Thesis is in introduction, NOT separated from  the body of the paper in any way!!

    Header p. 1 [see sample]

    Header other pages [Smith  2     Smith  3    etc.]

    MLA doc. Format - [no documentation - paper will

          not count]   see your notes

    title [capitalization, punc. - see outline]

    margins - reasonable

    double spaced with no extra spaces

    I have used no bold print

    I have used 12 point font size, professional font [no italic fonts, no all caps] [this is 12 point Times New Roman]­­­­­      

    typed on a word processor – no discernible corrections – no white out 

    I have documentation from my source  cited in my paper

       [a reasonable number]   -  do this, a flagrant disregard, will result in the paper’s not  counting!]

Note: outside papers written about novels MUST have citations

    I have used historical present tense



Works Cited [see sample]
: I have checked and I am sure that    

    Works Cited is spelled correctly

    Citations are in alphabetical order

    Citations have no call #’s

    Entire page is double spaced, no extra spaces

    I have used no bold print

    Entries are not numbered

    Citations use hanging indentions

    I have no typos - errors in individual entries        3 each

**   Minimum of _see above_ sources must be in works cited –


    Sources are balanced – not all Internet – half and half?


  4 things will cause me not to give you credit for your paper


rough materials, prelims, source copies are not turned in

Not documenting or failing to document fairly sufficiently [WHEN IN DOUBT, DOCUMENT!]

Entire paper [outline, paper, works cited, etc.] must be typed on a word processor. Absolutely no discernible corrections must be not including at least the minimum number of  sources [in your list of works cited and in your paper present. I will not take a handwritten paper!!








In addition, pay particular attention to these items.

Content & Editing: Check to be sure length is sensible, intro. & concl. paragraphs are of a reasonable length , clear thesis statement, specific examples used to support thesis, no announcement of intentions (My paper is about.... I am going to tell you),clear topic sentence for each body paragraph, specific examples support topic sentences, no 1st or 2nd  person pronouns, #’s under 100 written out, no abbreviations!, no contractions, spelling [Be absolutely sure you spell check, but that is not all—see my poster.], watch comma splices, run-ons and fragments, subject-verb agreement.


 May result in no credit for paper:

1. Not using the minimum number of sources.

Paper length [teacher judgment: An example—last year a student turned in a “research paper” of ¾ of a page. Nope, no way!]


 Extra Credit: Teacher draft turned in by teacher’s deadline. Teacher will make suggestions. Final draft turned in by deadline along with teacher draft with corrections. If paper is corrected as suggested on the teacher draft [for the most part], +15 points on lowest of the 3 grades. If corrections are not made, -15 points.

English IV