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Chaucer Page

Prologue to the Canterbury Tales in Middle English


The life of Chaucer


More Chaucer

Pardoner’s Prologue

Pardoner’s Tale

Wife of Bath’s Prologue [She’s also called the Woman from Beside Bath City]

Wife of Bath’s Tale

Canterbury Tales – here you can download whichever tale you’re interested in. Read the descriptions carefully.

Pilgrims Passing To and Fro –  the lives and times of the Canterbury  Pilgrims


More pictures – A digital artist has taken the original manuscripts and embellished them for a rich                   effect!

Characters Game – matching game with the characters in the Prologue – play several times as the cards change.


What would your job be in the middle ages?

a pilgrimage scene from a stained glass window in

Canterbury Cathedral.

Chaucer Page

English IV