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fr. Chapter 5


1.         gaunt – bleak and desolate [in a person, thin and emaciated]

2.        cupola – a small, usually domed, structure on top of a roof

  photofir.gif (14888 bytes)    California State Capitol Building. Photo courtesy of Les Partridge.     Cupola Home Page Link     Cupola in the form of a belvedere (or widow's walk) on a Federal style building     Queen Anne Victorian with cupola on corner tower.  Built for one of the sons of William Carson, whose house is across the street.     The William Carson House is one of the most exuberant Victorians ever built.  Mostly Queen Anne.  Has a more of a tower than a cupola.   

3.        baize – a thick, felt-like cloth used chiefly to cover gaming tables

4.        carbuncle – a deep red garnet (gemstone) [also a “painful, localized, pus-producing bacterial infection of the skin” – Can you see why this “bump” would be called a “carbuncle”?]

5.        elicit – to bring or draw out; to call forth

6.        quaint - odd, especially in an old-fashioned way; unfamiliar or unusual; strange


 fr. Chapter 7

7.        callous (adj.) – insensitive; hard and unfeeling (like a callous on your hand from working hard; personalities can be callous, too.)

8.        ken – range of vision; view, perception; understanding

9.        solitude – state of being alone; isolation

10.        fortnight  - 2 weeks [from 14 nights in Middle English]

11.    tenor – general sense; drift or purpose; continuous course

12.    predecease (noun) – death before   (verb) to die before

13.    superscribe(d) – to write something on the outside or upper part, as of a letter

14.    sinister – suggesting or threatening evil; ominous; frightening

15.    stringent – strict; severe; imposing rigorous standards

16.    disquiet(ed) – to trouble; to bother

17.    inscrutable – difficult or impossible to understand

18.    recluse – hermit; one who lives in seclusion; one who lives alone away from other people

English IV