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fr. Chapter 4


1.  accost(ed) to greet; speak to aggressively (sometimes hostilely, sometimes not)

2. to trifle (trifling) to play with or toy with as though of little significance

3. insensate lacing sensibility; unfeeling; foolish

4. countenance appearance, especially the face

5. pall a covering that darkens or obscures [also a coffin led, so you can see how it darkens and the connotation]

6. to rout [routing] to drive or force out

7. conflagration a large, destructive fire

8. slattern [slatternly] a sloppy woman

9. assail to attack violently

10. umber a natural brown earth used as pigment (to color things)

11. blackguard(ly) scoundrel; thoroughly unprincipled person

12. odious horrible; disgusting; arousing strong dislike or intense displeasure

13. napery [a noun] household linen, especially table linen [tablecloths, cloth napkins, etc.]

14. connoisseur a person of discriminating taste (with good taste)

15. ply [plies] one of the strands twisted together to make yarn, string, or rope

16. disinter(red) to dig up; to unbury

17. handbill a printed sheet or pamphlet [in Dr. Jekyll, probably a flier (flyer) like a wanted poster]

English IV