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Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy Vocabulary List 2

1.       Anomalous [4] abnormal, irregular, deviating from the common rule

2.       Ballast [5] a counterweight; anything that gives mental, moral, or political stability

3.       Inviolate [5] free from violation, injury, desecration, or outrage

4.       Barrow [5] a burial mound of prehistoric inhabitants of Britain

5.       Vicinal[5] belonging to a neighborhood or district; neighboring, adjacent

6.       Veritable [6] genuine, real, being truly such

7.       Bisect [6] cut into two parts

8.       Discern [6] figure out; see, understand

9.       Lurid [6] lighted up and shining with an unnatural or wild [esp. red or fiery] glare [often used to describe hell]

10.       Herbage [8] leaves and stems of plants

11.    Contiguity[8] being next to or close to each other

12.    Tacit [8] silent; not said, but implied, understood, inferred

13.    Intercourse [8] dealings or communications between individuals; interchange of thoughts, feelings, etc.

14.    Musingly [10] thoughtfully [as in thinking slowly over something]

15.    Protracted[10] long, drawn-out

16.    Dubiousness [10] doubtfulness; lack of certainty

17.    Appertain [10] belong [as part, member, attribute, etc.] pertain

18.    Stagnation [10] standing still; inactive, sluggish dull

19.    Torpor [10] state of suspended physical power and activities; sluggish inactivity or inertia; dormancy

20.    Vale [11] valley

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