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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Vocabulary List 1

Chapter 1-5

1.         Crimped - pleated

2.         Drear dreary

3.         Fervently passionately

4.         Bilious bad-tempered, as someone suffering from a liver ailment

5.         Subjoined added to what had already been stated

6.         Ignominy shame and/or dishonor

7.         Retrospective looking back to the past

8.         Quail draw back in fear; cower

9.         Aversion strong dislike

10.         Turbid muddy

11.       Captious fond of catching others in mistakes

12.       Indemnity exemption from penalties

13.       Opprobrium disgrace or infamy attached to shameful conduct

14.       Sanguine cheerful and confident

15.       Chancel the area around the altar in a church

16.       Preternatural supernatural

17.       Virulent full of hate

18.       Duplicity deception

19.       Enounce enunciate; pronounce clearly and distinctly

20.       Degradation a lowering in rank or status, accompanied by a feeling of humiliation

21.       Insuperable insurmountable

22.       Execration curse

23.       Inanition emptiness, as from lack of food

24.       Refectory a dining hall in a convent, school, or similar institution

25.       Redolent smelling of; reminding one of

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