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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Vocabulary List 2

Chapters 6-12

1.         Animadversion unfavorable comment

2.         Slatternly carelessly sloppy

3.         Assiduity diligence; careful attention

4.         Truculent fiercely savage

5.         Impalpable not easily grasped by the mind

6.         Seraph an angel of the highest order

7.         Chilblain painful swelling or sore caused by exposure to the cold

8.         Exigency urgency

9.         Penurious stingy

10.         Perfidious characterized by a deliberate betrayal of trust; treacherous

11.       Repugnance extreme dislike

12.       Evince to show plainly

13.       Remonstrate to protest

14.       Approbation official approval

15.       Imputation charge of misconduct

16.       Ameliorate become better; improve; make better

17.       Ostensible apparent

18.       Soporific causing sleep

19.       Dissipated showing the harmful effects of a self-indulgent way of life

20.       Stile a set of steps for climbing over a fence or wall

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