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Format Rubric

I reserve the right to add to this, should you be creative and think of things that have not been done before.


My paper is in proper order:

†††† outline, then paper [No title page is necessary. Staple ONCE in upper left corner, high.], then rough draft


Outline [see sample]

†Is a final copy [typed if paper is typed or in ink]† ______

†My thesis is at the top of my outline† ______

†Parallelism is evident† ______

†I have no intro. or concl. included† ______

†Entries are lined up correctly† ______

†double spaced [with no extra spaces]† ______

††††† If handwritten, single spaced everywhere

†I have used no bold print† ______

†order of entries I, A, 1, a, etc. is correct† ______

†I have no A without a B, etc.† ______

†My title is centered at the top with

†††††††† no punctuation and proper capitalization†† ______

†punctuation is correct [ I.†† For example]† ______

†proper capitalization is used [† I. Boys ______

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† A. Fish home


†Thesis is in introduction, NOT separated from††††††††††††† ______

††††††† the body of the paper in any way!!

†Header p. 1 [see sample]††††††††††††††††††† ______

†Header other pages [Smith† 2†††† Smith† 3††† etc.]††††††††††††† ______

†MLA doc. Format - [no documentation - paper will

†††††† not count]†† see your notes† ______

†title [capitalization, punc. - see outline]† ______

†margins - reasonable† ______

†double spaced with no extra spaces† ______

††††† If handwritten, not double spaced ANYWHERE except after title

†I have used no bold print† ______

†I have used a reasonable font size [this is†††††††††††††††† ††††† ______

††††† 12 point, 12-14 is acceptable]

†If handwritten, absolutely no marked through words ______

†††††† or white out anywhere [outline or paper ]

†I have documentation from my source† cited in my paper† ______

† [a reasonable number]†† -† do this, a flagrant disregard

†† will result in the paperís not† counting!]

†I have used historical present tense† ______