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N. Foster

Entire outline should be double spaced. I apologize. I cannot get the web publishing program to double space so it shows up double spaced on the web.

John or Jane Doe here

Using the Library

Thesis: Learning to use the library for the research paper can be accomplished alone with the help of certain aids.

  I.   Methods

       A. Programs

       B. Books

 II.  Catalog

       A. Method of locating books

       B. Methods of arranging cards

       C. Systems of classification

III.  Reference

       A. General works

       B. Specialized works

       C. Periodical indexes

       D. Specialized bibliographies

IV.  Location

       A. Main

       B. Special

       C. Services

       D. Microforms

       E. Computers

       F. Others

NOTE: thesis, parallelism, double spacing, line up, capitalization, no I without a II, no A without a B [that continues on], no bold, etc.

ALSO  your handout is done in a font that is 9 point which is much too small. I used it so I could fit it all on the page along with the directions, etc. On-line copy is in 12 point font. Use your regular font for the outline page.


The order of entries is

I, A, 1, a, 1), a),   [I have no clue after that. I am interested in a two-level topic [not sentence] outline, Roman numerals and capital letters, no more than three levels under any circumstances.]        

Outline Format Sample

English III Honors

From MLA Handbook, 1984

Adapted fr. Little, Brown Handbook

English IV