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N. Foster

    CFNC  - The College Foundation of North Carolina—as advertised on TV. I’ve been told this is the best site there is.

 You can apply on-line, search sites, work with career planning/interest inventories, etc.



         Coke Scholarship Info – choose “Scholars Foundation” [Gosh, Take a look at “College Locator” - Lots of North Carolinians have gotten this!]

        Target Scholarship Info

        Good General Helps

        One teacher’s list of what students should have read before AP 12

        Virtual Campus Tours

        More Virtual Campus Tours

        Resume and College Application Essay Helps – don’t be stupid! If I know these are here, you can bet admissions officers know.

        College Application Topics – there is also a rubric for grading them

        More College App Topics – from Mary Ambrogi Fisk

        College Board – register for the SAT, apply to colleges, request financial aid, get test dates, etc.

        Fast Web – scholarship & college searches

       North Carolina’s & South Carolina’s Colleges websites



List from G. Deans and D. Gray:

N C Mentor – Provides career planning tools, a student planner to track and plan high school  coursework, as well as extra curricular activities, virtual tour of NC college campuses, online applications for admissions and financial aid.

College Foundation of North Carolina. Provides general financial aid information and NC specific scholarship search.

My Future – Find out about careers in the military and more.

Career Services – Gives career lists and information for each of 35 college majors. Also gives extensive list of websites related to each major.

NOICC – National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee. Arrow down and click on career information sites to see the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the Military Career Guide and others.

Career Builder – Search for your dream job and get advice on creating a successful resume.

Career City –  Job listings, salary surveys and information on cutting edge computer/hi-tech careers.

Career Magazine –  On-line magazine devoted to career issues, etc. Healthcare –  Premier healthcare employment site on the Web.

Peterson’s –  Comprehensive career site. Includes information about job searches, job hunting, job search engines, etc.

TV Jobs –  Bulletin board for most US TV stations. Internships listed.

Brass Ring – Site lists over 20,000 hi-tech careers. Job database, magazine, career fair, and technical career resource.

Starting Page – Links to job sites, job search engines, and career resources. – Practice for the Sat, college entrance exams and other tests.

In these [ * in anything probably is supposed to be a -]

Educational Video Programming / P.O. Box 29865 n Richmond,Virginia 23242 /ph. 804.740.5460 n Fax 804.741.7941 email: sales@evplstcom a internet: FASTWEB ‑ information to locate and apply for college scholarships, internships, loan and savings opportunities, and to successfully transition from high school to college and from college to career. COLLEGE GUIDANCE SERVICES ‑ financial Aid Information, Services, and Materials. Minority Scholarships and fellowships

College Life / Student Life COLLEGE CLUB ‑ the world's largest college community boasting some 2 million members. ABOUT COLLEGE ‑ a complete guide to everything you really wanted to know about college life. What’s really happening on college campuses. Full of college survival information REALWORLD UNIVERSITY ‑ where

success is the only major! Lots of cool stuff.           I STUDENT ADVANTAGE, INC. a comprehensive resource of discounts, information and services available to students.


http://w,ww.luminet.netl‑jackp/survive.htmi STUDENT SURVIVAL GUIDE ‑semi‑humorous approach to learning the ropes of survival in higher education. Links to Web resources.


http://w‑ ALL CAMPUS ‑ quality procrastination... concrete info. TIDE CLOTHESLINE ‑ all you ever wanted to know about doing laundry.

Health & Safety

         ‑info ALCOHOL PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS ‑ actual facts on alcohol abuse, and policy and legal solutions to alcohol abuse‑related problems.


http://w‑ww.phe.queensu.calanab ANOREXIA NERVOSA AND BULIMIA ASSOCIATION FAST FOOD FINDER ‑ nutritional information about your favorite fast food. SECURITY ON CAMPUS ‑ dedicated to preventing crime on college and university campuses. Contains resources for students, their families, victims of crime, and campus law enforcement.        BINGE DRINKING ON

CAMPUS ‑ a report from the Harvard School of        Health for educators,

parents, and students. DATING VIOLENCE ‑ a fact sheet from the Center for Disease Control provides valuable information about a problem for both male and female students. More info, click on "Health Topics A-Z"


Academic Help / Study Skills Study Guides and Strategies ‑ advice given to its students to improve their test‑taking skills, study techniques, time and stress management, etc., by the College of St.Thomas. Study strategies out of Dartmouth University. University of Minnesota,Twin Cities learning skill resources‑studski Study Skills Help Page ‑ designed at Middle Tennessee State University, there are tips and links here that will help any beginning student. includes 25 articles about college preparation plus a college search section. STUDY WEB ‑ created to provide fast and easy access to a wide variety of research‑quality information. Helpful information about writing research papers.‑jbreiten/htbas.htmi HOWTO BEA STUDENT ‑tips on developing good habits while in college.


http://w‑‑caps/TenTraps.html THETEN TRAPS OF STUDYING ‑ study techniques and tips. Study Skill Links Study skills self help information

Athletics / Athletes COLLEGE COACH ‑ helps student‑athletes

search for schools and scholarships. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS ‑ official website of the NAIA. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ‑ official website of the NCAA. UNIVERSITY SPORTS ‑ organization that specializes in helping top student‑athletes contact college coaches. Resource

listing of additional recruitment sites. NATIONAL RECRUITING NETWORK has helped hundreds of student‑athletes in achieving their goals. COLLEGE RECRUITING ‑connects high school students and athletes with college and university recruiters. UNIV. SPORTS PROGRAMS specializes in helping top student‑athletes make contact with college coaches.

Two On-Line newsletters hec HIGHER EDUCATION CENTER FOR

ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUG PREVENTION MADD Drunk Driving Fatalities and Injuries ‑ data from MADD and the National Highway Transportation Administration.


http://w,ww.mirrot‑ Eating Disorders Shared Awareness ‑ definitions, warning signs, symptoms, how to approach someone you think has the problem. MINNESOTA HIGHER EDUCATION ZENTER AGAINST VIOLENCE AND ABUSE  WING OF MADNESS, a depression guide ‑ an excellent site, including symptoms and

resources especially designed for women and girls. SLEEPNET ‑ sleep deprivation, insomnia or other sleep disorders.   INSIDE EDGE NEWSLETTER --

 this monthly online newsletter offers cutting‑edge articles on topics such as scholarships, choosing a school, writing an essay, understanding financial aid, and much more.


EDUFAX ‑ maintains two E‑Newsletters dealing with educational questions And topics of interest to parents, students and counselors. Subscription is FREE.


THREE OUTSTANDING HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE SITES CYBERGUIDANCE ‑ a virtual high school guidance office with an abundance of information for students, parents & guidance professionals. Plenty of quality information for students, parents & counselors about planning for the future and other guidance issues.


http://users.massed.netl‑cgood/ A comprehensive list of Web sites for college career planning, study skills, student resources, parent resources, and more.


One More Thought. . . What is Out There to Do? THE OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK ONLINE ‑The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information. It contains thousands of job descriptions.

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