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Womenís Changing place Through History


It isnít likely that the characters in The Taming of the Shrew would have thought of themselves as being affected by sexism. In fact the word did not exist until quite recently. The way that women have been seen has changed dramatically throughout history.


Your small group will research the treatment of women during a specific period in history. We are focusing on Medieval-Renaissance Europe for this study but if you find relevant information about another part of the world you may check with me to see if you should use it in your presentation.

Research Questions:

1. What were the customs regarding marriage, divorce, dating (?), ownership of

property, etc.?

2. What were the customs regarding education and employment for women?

3. What did women wear? What rules were there regarding clothing for women?

What does this say about a womanís place in society?

4. What did the women who lived then think of their own place in society? How

many women were writing about their lives and experiences? What did they say?


†Use the Internet to check your facts, make sure you know what you think

you know.

Find at least three relevant sources of information about the time period you are assigned and womenís rights. Make an accurate list of the resources you find and their location. (Websites etc.)

! Check your resources for reliability and perspective? What is the bias of the site?

How trustworthy is it?

Fill out your own note chart about time period.

Prepare a short [5 minute?] class presentation that synthesizes the information you gathered and explains what it was like to be a woman at that time in history. This is a group assignment