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Staying    Vocabulary Lists

You must know the italicized, bold roots and their definitions each week.



Adipose - This word is often used as a polite or euphemistic way to say “overweight”. Its derivation is from the Latin word adipis which means “grease or fat”. The second syllable "pose", is from pois, an Old French word which means “weight”.


Agnostic - Early Greek sects called themselves Gnostic, from Greek gnosis, "knowledge," and claimed to know the reality of God through intuition rather than faith. Those who doubted the beliefs of the Gnostics were agnostic, from Greek agnostos, "one who disclaims any knowledge of God."


Vocabulary                Definitions

1.       adipose                  fat, fatty

2.       agnostic                 doubter, one who doubts the existence of God

3.       alimentary              digestive

4.       addled                    flustered, muddled

5.       abstinence              restraint, keeping away from

6.       agape                     open-mouthed

7.       absolve                   pardon

8.       adage                     wise saying

9.       aptitude                  ability, talent

10.       accrual                   accumulation, addition

11.    abasement              degradation, lowering

11 words

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