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Staying    Vocabulary Lists

You must know the italicized, bold roots and their definitions each week.



Ebullient - Enthusiastic, high-spirited, bubbly. The Latin word ebulliere means “to boil or bubble”. This word entered French as bouiller, meaning “to boil”, from which we also get the soup stock known as bouillon.


Entrepreneur - A person who organizes and manages a business. This word comes originally from the Latin inter, “within”, and praehendere, “to take”, and is used in the French form. An apprentice, whose goal is becoming an entrepreneur, is a young person taken in to learn.


Vocabulary Definitions

1                      ebullient            very enthusiastic

2                      entrepreneur      business organizer

3                      enraptured         delighted

4                      efficacy             effectiveness

5                      evoke                 summon, call forth

6                      emanate             emerge, originate

7                      epigram             short witty saying

8                      epithet               characterizing phrase or word

9                      exotic                foreign, strange

10                      effete                 worn out, exhausted

11                   epoch                era, period of time

12                   eulogized           praised highly

13                   exemplary          outstanding

14                   Euphonious       pleasant sounding

15                   extolling            praising

16                   effulgent            radiant

17                   ethereal             heavenly

18                   efflorescent       flowering

19                   extant               still existing

20                   evanescent        vanishing, fleeting

(20 words)

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