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Hit Parade

Vocabulary Lists

List 1††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† War

The Strong Warrior


1.       potent - powerful; mighty [ The potent blow knocked him off his feet.]

2.       robust - having strength or vigorous health [People who swim in the winter are very robust.]

3.       hardy - bold; brave; robust [He was a hardy soul; strong, brave, and sturdy.]

4.       insurmountable - not able to be climbed or overcome [Johnís problem with alcohol seemed insurmountable, but he eventually got over it.]

5.       immune - marked by protection, exemption; not susceptible to - notice that this word deals not just with diseases [I am immune to his feeble charms.]

6.       vehement - deeply felt; impassioned [He vehemently opposed military action in the Middle East.]


The Dangerous Enemy


7.       infamous - famous for something bad [He is infamous for hanging people by their toenails.]

8.       notorious - well known for evil; infamous [Marie Antoinette was notorious for her extravagant parties and costumes.]

9.       pugnacious - inclined to fight; quarrelsome [The pit bull is pugnacious, to say the least.]

10.       belligerent - warlike; hostile [The belligerent child was removed from class.]

11.    virulent - extremely poisonous; virus-like [Television violence is a virulent force in our culture.

12.    formidable - causing fear, dread, or apprehension [Hulk Hogan is a truly formidable opponent.

13.    ruthless - having no mercy [The ruthless general killed the children first.]

14.    callous - having no sympathy for others [Experience with tragedy had rendered him callous.]

15.    unyielding - inflexible; (not bendable, especially as far as ideas go) [He remained unyielding to my entreaties for mercy.]

16.    misanthrope - one who hates people [The misanthrope sought to isolate himself from mankind.]

17.    insidious - gradually harmful [Procrastination is an insidious habit.]

18.    jingoist - an extreme patriot [The jingoist wanted to establish a belligerent foreign policy.]