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Hit Parade

Vocabulary Lists

List 2

The Weak Enemy


1.       vulnerable - open to injury or attack [I am most vulnerable to attack after having consumed vast quantities of my grandmotherís chocolate cake.]

2.       susceptible - vulnerable; prone to [Riding a motorcycle without a helmet makes you susceptible to a head injury.]

3.       gullible - easily fooled [The gullible children followed to clown down the road to doom.]

4.       oblivious - lacking mindful attention [He was oblivious to the insults.]

5.       submissive - tending to give in to authority; servile [He submissively nodded his head and did what he was told.]

6.       innocuous - producing no injury or effect [It was an innocuous remark; no one bothered to respond. I was surprised that John was so angry over such an innocuous remark.]

7.       mercenary - one who serves in an army for money; one whose motivation for what he does is primarily monetary reward [The French mercenary was hired by the Spanish army. It irritates me when my friend seems to mercenary when talking to my daughter.]



8. ally - a friend or fellow participant in a common cause [Our allies agreed to support the air strike.]

9. biased - prejudiced; have a preference [I am biased against prejudiced people.]

10. partisan - exhibiting allegiance to a cause [Their partisan feelings led them to donate large amounts of money to the politicianís campaign.]



11. impartial - unbiased; treating all equally [Thank goodness the referee was impartial, because the crowd certainly wasnít.]

12. neutral - not aligned with a cause; not taking a side [I am neutral in this matter, so donít ask me to take sides.]

13. indifferent - not caring for one thing or another; unbiased [His indifference to the fansí yells made him a hero to the visiting team.