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Hit Parade

Vocabulary Lists

List 3

Avoiding the War


1.       appease - to make quiet; calm [Mom appeased my little brother with a cupcake--a small price to pay for peace.

2.       mollify - to ease a bad temper [My friends mollified me after my parents refused to let me go to the party.]

3.       relinquish - to give up [I relinquished my fishing license at the request of the game warden.]

4.       pacifist - a person who promotes peace and harmony [My friend Darren is a pacifist; he has organized several nonviolent demonstrations on his campus.]

5.       evade - to avoid or move away from [He evaded her question deftly and moved on to other subjects.]

6.       recant - to withdraw or regret a former belief or opinion [Okay, okay, I recant my belief that you’re an idiot.]

7.       parry - to evade a blow; dodge; deflect [She parried by turning the question back to him.]

8.       extricate - to release or free from entanglement; to disengage [I extricated myself from the sticky situation.]